Product Review: Fit Bark 2 Dog Activity Tracker

Are you looking for the perfect way to sync your lifestyle with that of your pooch? Assuming, of course, that you are leading an active lifestyle and want your dog to as well. Or perhaps that is the other way around – your dog is the active one FitBark2 Dog Couchwho is trying to get you to be more active. The answer is the Fit Bark 2, which is an upgrade to the popular Fit Bark dog activity tracker. It adds a longer battery life and being waterproof.

But this is a site about dog toys! Why are you reviewing an activity tracker. I want to give you motivation to play with your dog, and a reason to monitor your dog’s activity as well as your own. There are too many sedentary people and dogs in this world. All of them would benefit by getting out more and being active. It’s fun for the both of you. I like this product because it will link with my FitBit

Track Activity and Sleep

The Fit Bark 2 is a waterproof activity tracker that connects to your dog’s collar with two zip ties. It allows you to track your dog’s activity and sleep 24/7. In addition to the minute by minute activity, you can track sleep quality, calories burned, and distance traveled. Unlike the original Fit Bark, the Fit Bark 2 is waterproof and has a six-month battery life, so you can keep up with your pet. It is good for dogs of any size because it fits on their collar so long as the collar is less than an inch and a half.

The ability to monitor overall health and behavior is essential for pet parents and it can also be used by veterinarians to monitor mobility osteoarthritis, or orthopedic rehabilitation in dogs. You can also monitor stress and anxiety after you leave home to go to work in the morning.

Through the Sleep Score, you can monitor skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, infectious dermatitis, hot spots, or flea allergies.

Tracking App

Both Apple and Android offer the free Fit Bark Tracking App. This is where you will monitor your dog’s behavior. You can also sync the Fit Bark 2 to your FitBit, Apple Watch, Healthkit, Google Fit, or Jawbone device so that you compare your progress and activity with that of your dog.

Your veterinarian can also link to the Fit Bark 2 to keep track of the activity level of animals who need to be tracked for health reasons. The Fit Bark 2 is used by veterinarian schools and research institutions to validate new drugs, treatments, and products.

The Fit Bark Tracking App will run on iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and running iOS 10 and above. For Android devices, the App will run with devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and running Android 5.0.

Technical Specifications

  • In the box you’ll receive the Fit Bark 2, a black cover, 8 zip ties, a charging cable, and a quick start guide.FitBark 2
  • Dimensions: 1.1 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches; less than 1 ounce
  • Item Model Number: 7001009
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery (included)
  • Charging: once every six months
  • Water Resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Synchronization range: up to 30 feet and requires an internet connection
  • Stores minute by minute data up to 100 days
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Operating Temperature: -4̊F to 122̊F (-20̊C to 50̊C)
  • Available from: Amazon at $69.95
    • or Fit Bark at $69.95 with 30 % off until December 9, 2018, using the code HEALTHYTOGETHER

      There is a 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty. FitBark cautions that although the device is made of polycarbonate and will stand up to rough play, it is not 100% dog bite proof, but then nothing is.

      You can also purchase different color covers for your FitBark 2 for $5.95 with 12 different choices such as fuscia to brown, orange to black, and aqua to gray; an optional WiFi Base Station; additional zip ties; a spare charging cable; and a two-year extended warranty.FitBark colors

Not Only Dogs

Although designed for your dog, the Fit Bark 2 can also be used on other animals including, but not limited to, other dogs, cats, bunnies, horses (yes, horses), but not spouses or teenagers. They may still be couch potatoes.

Bond with Your Dog

The Fit Bark 2 is an excellent way to monitor your favorite puppies or join them in keeping active. This last is one of the stated reasons the FitBark was developed. When you purchase this device, use the opportunity for some quality bonding time with your dog. You are still the best toy there is for your dog.

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