Happy St. Francis’ Day!!!

Today is a big day for us pups and other critters!  The Christian Church observes St Francis’ Day with a Blessing of the Animals.

This got started when the Roman Catholic Church made Francis of Assissi a saint in the Church.  He was known for many things, but he was chiefly known (at least among us pups) for his relationship with animals.  St Francis was a great lover of animals and nature.  This is why we celebrate St Francis by blessing animals.

It’s not just dogs, but birds, and fish, and elephants, and even cats!!

God created us all.  And it’s nice that the humans have started to recognize that by having a day where they invite us into their churches to allow us to worship our God with them.  That’s the best part – not the treats (although these are great, too!) – the very best part is worshipping God with my humans.  We are equal before God as creatures of God providing our due worship.






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